Frequently Asked Questions

How long do we get use of the facility?

You will have plenty of time before the wedding day to schedule viewings of the property as required.  Your package includes access to have your rehearsal and add personal touches the full day prior to the ceremony.  The day of your ceremony, you will have 4 hours which will allow you to focus on:

  • customize your decor ahead of your guests arriving
  • welcome and seat guests
  • hold your ceremony
  • take wedding photos around the property
  • mingle with guests

How will guests know where to park?

All roads leading to The Red Tin Barn are paved.  Parking is on premise.  Staff will be available to direct guests where to park and to your ceremony area.

Can we hold our reception at The Red Tin Barn?

At this time, we are strictly a ceremony venue.  Receptions cannot be held on the premises.  We suggest contacting local community halls or hotels in west Edmonton or surrounding areas for your reception.

What happens if there is inclement weather on the day of the wedding?

Holding an outdoor wedding ceremony is beautiful, but comes with a certain degree of risk.  We offer umbrellas and blankets to keep your guests comfortable. With ample notice and for an extra fee, the set-up and take-down of a large white tent can be arranged.